Advancement Fund

Embrace the Vision, Support your Passion, Advance Wardlaw Academy

The primary focus of the Advancement Fund is to secure private gift income to improve the physical plant and strengthen the quality of all school programs at Wardlaw Academy. ANNUAL GIVING by all who love Wardlaw Academy should become a lifelong habit, and the time to start is now! Developing the habit of annual giving is critical to the success of this program. It’s not the amount of the contribution, it’s the participation in the program that’s important. NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL! The Advancement Fund has received over $500,000.00 in contributions since its beginning in 2003.  100% of the funds raised are used for improvements to the physical plant, enhancements, strengthening the quality of all school programs, and growth. Focus areas recently have been in computer technology, teacher/classroom needs, academic/curriculum advances, and Patriot Vision including gym renovations. Each year 25% is retained and will be applied to a long-range goal. Tuition covers ONLY the salaries of faculty and staff, and our general operating expenses. In order for Wardlaw to continue offering the advantages of small class sizes, opportunities in athletics, a safe learning environment, affordable tuition, and also grow and advance, additional financial support is necessary. Your gift is tax-deductible, and your gift may also be given anonymously. In addition to an annual contribution, you may also give memorials, honorariums, and/or Christmas remembrances. Other ways to contribute include stocks and bonds, estate planning, and an employer’s matching funds program.  Please make your check payable to:  Wardlaw Advancement Fund You may send your contribution to:

Wardlaw Advancement Fund 1296 Columbia Road Johnston, SC  29832

If you have any questions regarding the Advancement Fund, please contact Rhonda Woosley at 803-275-0399 or

Patriot Vision Implemented

Advancing Wardlaw Academy into the 21st Century

The Advancement Fund, announces the beginning of a project called Patriot Vision. Patriot Vision will utilize funds generated by the Advancement Fund that have been retained at a rate of 25% for a long-term capital project from annual giving since the Advancement Fund began in 2003.

Patriot Vision is currently in the planning stages that will address areas such as school entrances, food service areas, landscaping, a flag courtyard, campus parking and vehicle traffic, lighting, gymnasium improvements, storage, restroom facilities, signage, overall building improvements and enhancements, and many more items.

Many have asked when and where the 25% set aside for a long-term capital project would be used. The time is here. We are working hard to address the entire campus of Wardlaw Academy through coordinated efforts of all school organizations and summarized by the Long Range Plan needed for the accreditation of our school with SCISA. We also are working hard so that this plan is attainable in stages and the plan is visible and progress can be measured and that everyone can be involved in some aspect of the plan.

This is an exciting time and we need your help. We ask that everyone continue to give to the Advancement Fund, get involved in Patriot Vision with ideas and efforts, and help us improve our campus by reaching the goals we will all see shortly. Thank you for your help and dedication in the advancement of Wardlaw Academy and her students.

Phase I and II

Phase I: Gym renovations, including a new roof, insulation, paint, ventilation, restoration of the original floor and new addition. The gym renovations have been made possible through generous donors and The Advancement Fund. Phase II: A portable stage has been added to the gym to be used for graduation, drama, and many other school events. The middle school boys’ locker room and restroom have been completely renovated with new flooring, paint, shower heads, and plumbing and lighting improvements. The stage in the gym also has new flooring. The canteen has a new look with the addition of tables with attached stools. Several grounds projects have been initiated including correcting drainage problems on the campus, adding new orange safety cones, and beautifying our facilities. A monogrammed tent for outdoor activities and sporting events has been purchased to advertise our Patriot spirit.  All teachers and enrichment instructors were given funds to spend for their classrooms. We continue to retain 25% of our annual funds to be applied to Patriot Vision, our long-range plan for FWA.

Computer Technology

Our computer technology capabilities are continually advancing.  Our Lower School has a new rolling laptop cart and laptops that are available to use in the classroom.  Our Upper School has a rolling cart and 20 new HP laptops equipped with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365.  Office 365 is available throughout the school and will be made available to our students free of charge.

Two MimioTeach Interactive systems have been purchased. This system transforms an ordinary dry-erase board into an interactive whiteboard making teaching more exciting and engaging. This is an additional, portable technology tool for the classrooms. Wifi access points have been installed in each building accommodating our increasing technology needs.

We have purchased Technokids for our complete computer curriculum.  Technokids is a K-12 complete computer technology program that utilizes Microsoft Office 360.  Technokids is full of easy to follow lesson plans, sample files, enrichment activities, assessment tools, and customizable resources.  We are so excited about all the learning opportunities this offers our students.

New Playground Equipment

A new spring-rider dinosaur has been added to our playground! The addition of an airplane see-saw to the playground has been a hit with the smaller children along with a new outside toy chest filled with new toys!


The lower and upper school’s science classes have received a complete overhaul. New textbooks for K-6 and Biology as well as experiment kits that give our young scientists the opportunity for hands on learning were purchased. The technology suite that comes with it allows our auditory learners to listen to the text and interact with new information by playing games and taking pre-tests and quizzes. Lower School Social Studies was also improved with new textbooks and technology. The students are so excited when they get to interact with the past while using our brand new mobile computer lab. Upper School Math is another area improvements were made. Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry at Wardlaw have been amped up with technology and hands on learning. Students benefit from differentiated instruction through access to a variety of different PowerPoint presentations on each concept as well as extra problems. This is so beneficial for students who need that extra practice and reinforcement as they learn. The excitement over academics at Wardlaw Academy is definitely growing.

We have new additions to the curriculum in the Kindergarten classrooms.  K3 is enjoying a comprehensive preschool curriculum from BJU press. We are so excited that this curriculum reaches all developmental benchmarks while having a Christian base.  K5 is using the BJU math program for Kindergarten to supplement the Everyday Math program. It also is grounded in Christian values and provides problem solving opportunities for spiritual growth. We are adding several new textbooks in the upper school that include our expected academic rigor while including a Biblical worldview.

The Lower School continues to benefit from the purchase of new curriculum. Bible, History, English, and Math are all subject areas that were enhanced thanks to the Advancement Fund. K4-5th grades now enjoy learning the Bible through the BJU Press “Bible Truths”. Math from grades K4-5th grades is also new. It is an academically rigorous program that is grounded in a biblical world view. The students learn new math concepts, practice through repetition, and learn how math is used in the real world. Math fluency is also focused on in this new program. “Heritage Studies”, the new social studies curriculum, is also grounded in the biblical world view and was implemented in 1st-5th grades. In addition to the Language Arts program we currently use, BJU Press English for grades three through five. This gives our upper elementary students additional opportunities to learn grammar and writing. These new additions to our curriculum provide our students with the information and academic rigor that will prepare them for both middle and high school. We are so excited to watch them benefit and grow both intellectually and spiritually from these new additions

K3 Program Established Fall of 2013

When preparations began for our K3 program, the classroom was bare and in need of some renovations. For starters, the walls were freshly painted and the floors were carpeted. After these items were completed, lumber was purchased to build bookshelves, cubbies, and bulletin boards along with the paint for these projects. Once the big projects were completed, we begun filling the room with art supplies, teaching tools, and furniture. We also purchased material for curtains and wall art to enhance the inviting feel of the room. Great appreciation goes to the Advancement Fund for enabling us to create a learning environment that is both visually appealing to the children and conducive to a successful learning experience. – Mrs. Stephanie Culver, K3 teacher


15 Passenger Bus

A 15 passenger bus has been purchased and is used daily to transport our students from the North Augusta area. This bus will also provide transportation for sporting events and school activities.

Custom Doormat from Class of 1977

The FWA class of 1977 graciously agreed to replace the custom doormat at the entrance of our school that has welcomed us for over thirty years. The class of 1997 donated this mat upon graduation, and the class members, through their generous contributions, have made it possible for us to update and refresh with a new mat. The older doormats have been re-located to the entrance of the Lower School. Thank you, FWA Class of 1977!

Join the Advancement! Your gifts positively impact the educational experience of each student. Support for the Advancement Fund is an investment you can trust to give our students an advantage of a college preparatory education in a Christian environment.