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  Workers Needed - HELP THE PATRIOTS!

If you could assist the Booster Club at athletic events, please contact our Athletic Director,

Kathy James at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  •   Work selling apparel and items at ball games or help out in the concession stand.



New Patriot Merchandise In- Men's, Ladies's and youth apparel

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Items and prices subject to change.

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alt  New Car Magnets - add your child's number while they last!

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2014-2015 Athletic Season 

Dear Sponsor,

We would like to offer your organization an opportunity to advertise within the athletic program at Wardlaw Academy. Wardlaw Booster Club is selling subscriptions for advertisement through a 3-ft x 6-ft vinyl banner and/or football program for the 2013/2014 school year. These banners and football programs will promote your logo or message of advertisement. Also, you have the option of purchasing athletic passes at this time. This allows you entrance into all regular season games and designated parking(for football, baseball, and softball games). We would like your sponsorship in order to help fund Wardlaw Athletic expenditures. Please, return as soon as possible. Thanks for your support!

Golden Patriot $385 ( New Sponsor Banner- $435 )

o 1-page Ad for Football Program

o 3 Sport Renewal Banner

o 2 Athletic Passes

Silver Patriot $285 ( New Sponsor Banner - $335 )

o 1/2-page Ad for Football Program

o 3 Sport Renewal Banner

o 1 Athletic Pass

Black & Gold Patriot $110

o 1/4-page Ad for Football Program

o 1 Athletic Pass

Individual Ads for Football Program Sponsors for Athletic Banners

o Full Page $125 New Banners $250

o 1/2-page $80 Renewal Banners $150

o 1/4-page $40

o 1/8-page $30

Athletic Passes

o Business (4 passes) $325

o Family (2 passes) $175

o Single (1 pass) $100

Sponsor Name: ________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________________________________

** Please attach ad description if applicable.