Francis Hugh Wardlaw

Advancement Fund  

 The primary focus of the Advancement Fund is to secure private gift income to improve the physical plant and strengthen the quality of all school programs at Wardlaw Academy.

ANNUAL GIVING by all who love Wardlaw Academy should become a lifelong habit, and the time to start is now! Developing the habit of annual giving is critical to the success of this program. It's not the amount of the contribution, it's the participation in the program that's important. NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL!

The Advancement Fund has received over $500,000.00 in contributions since its beginning in 2003.  100% of the funds raised are used for improvements to the physical plant, enhancements, strengthening the quality of all school programs, and growth. Focus areas recently have been in computer technology, teacher/classroom needs, academic/curriculum advances, and Patriot Vision including gym renovations. Each year 25% is retained and will be applied to a long-range goal. Tuition covers ONLY the salaries of faculty and staff, and our general operating expenses. In order for Wardlaw to continue offering the advantages of small class sizes, opportunities in athletics, a safe learning environment, affordable tuition, and also grow and advance, additional financial support is necessary.

Your gift is tax-deductible, and your gift may also be given anonymously. In addition to an annual contribution, you may also give memorials, honorariums, and/or Christmas remembrances. Other ways to contribute include stocks and bonds, estate planning, and an employer's matching funds program.

All gifts received between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014 will be designated as 2013-14 school year contributions.

Please make your check payable to:  Wardlaw Advancement Fund

You may send your contribution to:       Wardlaw Advancement Fund

                                                               1296 Columbia Road

                                                                Johnston, SC  29832


If you have any questions regarding the Advancement Fund, please contact Rhonda Woosley at 803-275-0399 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




K-3 Program Established Fall of 2013 


When preparations began for our K3 program, the classroom was bare and in need of some renovations. For starters, the walls were freshly painted and the floors were carpeted. After these items were completed, lumber was purchased to build bookshelves, cubbies, and bulletin boards along with the paint for these projects. Once the big projects were completed, we begn filling the room with art supplies, teaching tools, and furniture. We also purchased material for curtains and wall art to enhance the inviting feel of the room. Great appreciation goes to the Advancement Fund for enabling us to create a learning enviroment that is both visually appealling to the children and conducive to a successful learning experience. - Mrs. Stephanie Culver, K3 teacher


k3 pats pic   k3 photo





The FWA Class of 1977graciously agreed to replace the custom doormat at the entrance of our school that has welcomed us for over thirty years.  The Class of 1977donated this mat upon graduation, and the class members, through their generous contributions, have made it possible for us to update and refresh our entrance with a new mat. The older doormat has been re-located to the entrance of the Lower School. Thank you, FWA Class of 1977!!  


new door mat



 Thanks to the FWA Classes of 1980-89 and the Advancement Fund for the new signs...

alt                        alt                          alt


 Patriot Vision Implemented

Advancing Wardlaw Academy into the 21st Century


The Advancement Fund, in conjunction with the Long Range

Planning Committee and aided by Mr. James Courtney announces

the beginning of a project called Patriot Vision.  Patriot Vision will 

utilize funds generated by the Advancement Fund that have been

retained at a rate of 25% for a long-term capital project from annual

giving since the Advancement Fund began in 2003. 


Patriot Vision is currently in the planning stages that will address areas

such as school entrances, food service areas, landscaping, a flag courtyard,

campus parking and vehicle traffic, lighting, gymnasium improvements,

storage, restroom facilities, signage, overall building improvements

and enhancements, and many more items.  Plans and drawings will

be available soon so that everyone can see the exciting changes being

planned and we can all begin working to attain these goals.


Many have asked when and where the 25% set aside for a long-term

capital project would be used.  The time is here.  We are working hard

to address the entire campus of Wardlaw Academy through coordinated

efforts of all school organizations and summarized by the Long

Range Plan needed for the accreditation of our school with SCISA. 

We also are working hard so that this plan is attainable in stages and

the plan is visible and progress can be measured and that everyone

can be involved in some aspect of the plan.


This is an exciting time and we need your help.  We ask that everyone

continue to give to the Advancement Fund, get involved in Patriot

Vision with ideas and efforts, and help us improve our campus by

reaching the goals we will all see shortly.  Thank you for your help and

dedication in the advancement of Wardlaw Academy and her students. 

  •  Phase I and II: Gym renovations, including a new roof, insulation, paint, ventilation, restoration of the original floor and new addition. The gym renovations have been made possible through generous donors and The Advancement Fund.

     alt  alt gym exterior

                          gym floor angle 

  •   Computer technology

alt    computerlab 002  6th grade with ipad.a  

2 Smart Boards, LCD projector and screen, flat screen monitors, computer tables & chairs, & a Blackbaud Computer System. Each classroom has been given an Apple television as well as an iPad which are used on a daily basis to strengthen technology instruction in the classroom.  


  • New science equipment and lab...

                            alt                   alt

  • New Playground equipment:   


  • Lower School Curriculum

                        Imagine It   K4 - 5th grade               Everyday Math   K4 - 5th grade

                          alt                    alt

  • PAINTING........

    *All classrooms & hallways in lower and upper school buildings, canteen, restrooms, & offices (*Advancement Fund partnered with school to complete this project)


      Outside of Library building               alt



    K4 & K5 classrooms  (Advancement fund partnered with PPO)


    Kitchen renovations........

    alt            alt

    New vinyl siding............... 

    alt                alt

    New Lower School awning and covered area by the Lower School playground ...........

    alt       ls.facade  alt  01back


    Together we can ADVANCE!!!