Lunch Options for Students:


  • Students may bring their own lunch. We do have the ability to warm up prepared lunches for the students.       

     Please make sure the warm-up item is marked with the child's grade and name.

  • Wardlaw offers students the opportunity to eat a nutritious lunch at our new all-you-can-eat salad bar.

Tickets for 10 lunches may be purchased in the office - lower school ticket $30; middle/upper school ticket $35. Students may also eat on a day to day basis. The cost per day is $3.00 for lower school  and $3.50 for middle/upper school. The salad bar consists of a lettuce mix with carrots; tomatoes; cheese; cucumbers; pickles; turkey bites; bacon bits; croutons; Thousand Island dressing; Italian dressing; and ranch dressing.

  • The following items may also be purchased from the canteen: pepperoni/cheese pizza - $3.00; hot pockets - $2.25; double cheeseburger - $3.75; sausage biscuit - $1.50. Please place this order in the morning so it can be ready at lunch.
  • Asbill's Catering offers hot lunch to students on a daily basis. Their menu is below. The cost for a lower school student is $4.00 per day and a middle/upper school student is $4.50 per day. Students may purchase a 10 meal ticket from Asbill's or pay on a daily basis. 


MAY 2014
  Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday  
  28   29   30   1   2 LS Field Day 3  
              Steak Nuggets   Chicken Nuggets      
              Cheese Potatoes   Chips      
              Vegetable   Dessert      
  5 MS/US Field Day 6   7   8   9   10  
  Hamburger or   Mini Corn Dogs   Baked Ziti   Chicken Casserole   Subs      
  Cheeseburger   Mac & Cheese   Side Salad   Broccoli & Cheese   Chips      
  Chips   Green Beans   Corn   Peas   Dessert      
  Dessert   Fruit   Fruit   Fruit          
Mother's Day 12   13   14   15   16   17  
  Chicken Strips   BBQ Sandwich   SENIOR EXAMS   SENIOR EXAMS   SENIOR EXAMS      
  Rice & Gravy   Chips