Upper School

The Upper School consists of grades 9th through 12th and is housed in the Main Building. The school day consists of seven forty-five minute periods.

Courses Offered - 9th Grade:

English I; Algebra/Geometry; Art Appreciation; Physical Science; Computer Science I (Semester); European History; Public Speaking (Semester); Weight Training; Study Hall

Courses Offered - 10th Grade:

English II; Geometry/Algebra II; Biology; Government (Semester); Economics (Semester); Spanish I; Study Hall

Courses Offered - 11th Grade:

English III; Algebra II; Advanced Algebra & Trigonometry; US History; Spanish II: Chemistry; Ethics; Weight Training; Art Medium; Study Hall; Agricultural Science

Courses Offered - 12th Grade:

English IV/Advanced Composition; AP English; Algebra III & Trigonometry: Calculus; AP Calculus; Journalism (Semester); Computer Science (Semester); Spanish III; Biology II; Consumer Math; Drama; Psychology/Sociology