Middle School

The 6th through 8th grade students are involved in a wide variety of academic, athletic, and club activities during the school year.


Mrs. Medlock's eight grade Earth Science class hit the football field last week to reinforce a recent lesson on the scientific method. Each student constructed a paper airplane, then they were asked to choose one modification or variable they could make to that original plane that would make the plane fly farther. They then formed a hypothesis in the form of and if/then statement to predict how their modification would affect the flight distance of the original plane.

They were asked to conduct three flight trials for the experiment. The first trail was with the original plane, the second with a slight modification and the last with a final modification. They tested how far each plane traveled, compared the results, and then determined whether or not their modification did in fact make the plane go further!

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The sixth grade students in Mrs. James' science class recently brought in their edible cell projects to school. Yum!!

  edible cell 002  edible cell 001

edible cell 003   edible cell 004