2014 golf

Wardlaw Academy Golf 2015
Date Day Teams Host Time
3/3/2015 Tuesday CA, FWA Wardlaw TBA
3/9/2015 Monday NS, GF, CC, FWA Northside 3:30
3/11/2015 Wednesday Cambridge 4:00
3/17/2015 Tuesday FWA, CA, CB Wardlaw 4:00
3/24/2015 Tuesday CC, MH, GF, FWA, CB Wardlaw 3:30
3/31/2015 Tuesday FWA, CC, CB, SACB Wardlaw 4:00
4/2/2015 Thursday SABC TBA
4/15/2015 Wednesday FWA, CB, MH Mead Hall TBA
4/21/2015 Tuesday Region Golf  Wardlaw 10:00
4/27/2015 Monday State TBA TBA
4/28/2015 Tuesday State TBA TBA
Schools:  FWA= Wardlaw, NS= Northside Christian, GF= Glenforest, CC= Covenant Classic, SABC= South Aiken  Aiken Christian Baptist
MH= Mead Hall , CA= Cambride Academy
SABC plays at Cedar Creek; Northside plays at Lexington Country Club; 


2014 Golf Team places 2nd in Region! Moves on to State


The Wardlaw golf team placed 2nd in the Region II -A tournament held at Lakeside Golf Club in Laurens, SC on April 22nd. The team led by Junior Kenneth Kaltz will move on to the State Playoffs held April 28th and 29th in Conway, SC. Three members of the team were awarded medals for the All Region team: Junior Kenneth Kaltz, Freshman Spencer Moore, and eighth grader Matthew Robinson. The other team members are Sophomore Bennett Rhoads, eighth grader Marshall Smoak, and seventh grader Tres Yonce.