Hot Lunch Calendar

Students may bring their own lunch. We do have the ability to warm up prepared lunches for the students.

Please make sure the warm-up item is marked with the child’s grade and name.

Wardlaw offers students the opportunity to eat a nutritious lunch with our catering options from Delectable Delights on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, and Railroad Diner on Wednesday and Thursday.  The calendar will let you know what is available for that day. Delectable Delights charges $4.50 for lunch. Punch cards are available for Delectable Delights at $45 for ten lunches. Please put your child’s name and grade on the check. Railroad Diner charges $2 per slice of pizza for lower school students and $2.50 per slice for upper school students. Quesadillas are $2.50 and French fries are $1.

The following items may also be purchased from the canteen: pepperoni/cheese pizza – $3.00; hot pockets – $2.25; double cheeseburger – $3.75. Please place this order in the morning so it can be ready at lunch.