Hot Lunch Calendar

Please make sure the warm-up item is marked with the child’s grade and name.

Wardlaw offers students the a variety of lunches with our catering options of Riley’s, Chic Fil A, and Pizza Hut. We will be selling lunch tickets at $50 (Lower School) and $55 (Upper School) a piece that can be used for lunches and snacks. Once your child has used the $50/$55 lunch ticket we will send it home and you may purchase another.

Monday-  The option of a Chic Fil A sandwich or chicken nuggets, chips, and a drink

Tuesday- Riley’s will serve chicken strips, rice with gravy, and green beans.

Wednesday- Pizza hut will include two slices of pizza and a drink. More will be available for purchase.

Thursday- Riley’s will cater a variety of meals on this day. Please see the calendar on the website for the daily meal.

Friday- Riley’s will serve hamburgers, chips, and a drink.

The following items may also be purchased from the canteen: pepperoni/cheese pizza – $3.00; double cheeseburger – $3.75. Please place this order in the morning so it can be ready at lunch.

Students may bring their own lunch. We do have the ability to warm up prepared lunches for the students.