The Wardlaw Drama program consists of students from the 9th – 12th grades who have an interest in the performing Art.

Through the course of our study, students will:

  • Be introduced to theatre vocabulary, parts of stage, stage types, and the mechanics of theater
  • Explore basic movement, establish a balance of self control and expression, and develop characters
  • Develop their voices through exercises in vocal projection, articulation, and expression
  • Foster a class ensemble of support, fun, and joy
  • Discover their inherent dramatic and expressive talents
  • Partake in solo and group performance activities
  • Participate and develop the skills of performer and audience member alike
  • Develop an understanding of stage production through work with costumes, props, and basic stage scenery

Special focus topics/course material for each semester may include:

  • Theatre games and warm-ups
  • Improvisation
  • Pantomime
  • Storytelling
  • Reader’s Theatre/Story Theatre
  • Musical Theatre
  • Scene Study
  • Selected full-length plays

The Drama team participates in the SCISA One-Act Play competition every year and has done very well.

The Balcony performed by the Senior Class