Enrichment classes are offered to the lower school students on a weekly basis. K-3 through 5th grade attend Physical Education two times per week; while Spanish, music, computer, and library are offered once per week. The Enrichment’s are a fun time for students to get out of the classroom and express their creativeness and learn new skills.



  The curriculum is a fun interactive way for children of all ages and skill levels to learn through the use of visual and auditory tools. The multi-sensory presentation encourages and promotes the students interests in learning proper pronunciation of vocabulary. It helps them with frequently used questions, songs, conversation skits and practical grammar concepts.


Computer Lab

Computer (1) 

In the lower school computer classes, grades K-4 and K-5 begin learning the basics in computer orientation, double clicking icons, and navigating the mouse. This is just the beginning for these young students. First graders begin to explore a little deeper. They enjoy using graphic programs like Kid Pix and navigating the Internet. In the second grade, students learn how to format documents in Microsoft Office Word. They also begin learning the basics of keyboarding. Third graders expand on their knowledge of using Microsoft Office Word as they us the program Rapid Typing to improve keyboarding. They also start learning how to use the Internet for research. After obtaining information, they learn how to put together a basic PowerPoint presentation. Fourth grade students work on speed and accuracy in keyboarding. Hand placement is very important. They also continue learning how to format documents in Microsoft Office Word, put together and present in depth PowerPoint presentations, as well as navigate various websites for information. The students in the 5th grade continue learning in more detail how to format complex documents that include clip art, graphs, and tables. They are pushed to increase speed in accurancy using the Rapid Typing program. Students compile data from Internet sources and learn to create time-lines, papers, and PowerPoint presentations. When students graduate from lower school to middle school, they are fully prepared for the technological advances that might come their way.


Physical Education

This twice a week course is designed to enable students to understand their physical being and its relationship to God. Younger students attend class where they learn a variety of motor skills such as hopping, skipping, galloping, running, as well as non-loco motor skills such as bending, rocking, balancing, stretching, pushing, and pulling. As the students develop physically, they are challenged to develop a personal plan for taking responsibility for eating and exercising regularly. Students also work in groups and cooperative activities to enable them to learn to accept and appreciate , instructorciate personal differences in those around them.

ART- Mrs. Karisa Ruth




The lower school art classes meet once a week to provide and encourage creativity through hands on participation in class projects. Students are encouraged to explore and create art using a wide variety of mediums. These include tempera paint, oil pastels, watercolors, clay, pencil, colored pencil, marker and paper mache. The class introduces different styles of art, famous artists, art history, as well as art appreciation.


Music -Mrs. Karisa Ruth, Instructor

Music is an enrichment class that meets once a week for thirty minutes. Each week we review our old favorites, learn new songs for our annual performances, and work on basic music skills. We learn rhythm using beat sticks, Moroccan egg shakers, sand blocks, and jingle bells. This school year (2015-2016) we have added a music curriculum, ABC Music and Me by Kindermusik, for our K3 and K4 classes. We will also be expanding our programs for the other lower school classes. Fifth grade will be learning to play recorders; third and fourth grades will learn to play hand bells. First and second will be fine tuning their rhythm with rhythm sticks and kindergarten will be reviewing rhythm with jingle bells. We have several performances through the year. We perform at the opening of one of our football games and half time show. We have an evening Christmas program; and a Grandparents Day program in the spring. We have a great time in our Music class. If you like to come in and share in our music time, please email me at kruth@wardlawacademy.com.


Library – Mrs. Karisa Ruth, Librarian

The library is located adjacent to the Lower and Main School buildings. The Lower School students receive library as a weekly enrichments that meets for 30 minutes. K5-5th grades participate in the Accelerated Reader program. K3-1st grade has a reading buddy (Patty the Patriot) that goes home with a different student each week. Patty the Patriot is read to and their week together is captured in a writing journal. The library enrichment period also offers computer time, puzzle time, and listening center time. The different genres are introduced in each class. September is Character Education Month, and the students study characteristics we need to become better young adults. We have 2 book fairs a year; one in the fall and one in the spring. Book character day in the fall is a favorite day for the students. The students dress up as their favorite book character and have a parade through the hall to the gym. During our library time each genre is discussed and the Dewey decimal system is discussed with the older classes. Throughout the school year, the library host guest speakers, reading events, and challenges which increase the students reading skills. I have taken several challenges from the students if they reach their reading goal. I have dyed my hair purple, rainbow, and performed the chicken dance before the lower school a couple of times.  We also take a couple of field trips each year for our reading class. If you would like to be a guest reader please email at kruth@wardlawacademy.com.