Clubs and Activities

Parents of Upper School Students:

We are excited to introduce our newly redesigned club program to supplement our academic classes.  Students with parent permission can choose to participate in up to 2 clubs per semester during study hall time at the end of the day.  Each club meets twice a week on either Monday and Tuesday, or Thursday and Friday.  Even if a student chooses to participate in 2 clubs, Wednesday will still be a study hall every week.  Please sign the permission slip at the bottom of this letter and indicate if you wish for your student to be allowed to participate in 1 or 2 clubs.  If you do not return this permission slip, your student will be placed in study hall every day at this time.

If a parent wishes to remove a student from his/her club activities at any point in the semester due to academic or any other concerns, please contact the school office and we will place them in a study hall until the next semester if parental permission is given again.

Please return by Friday 8/30 at the latest, or your student will remain in study hall for this semester. Thank you, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Christie Warnken

Upper School Principal

Wardlaw Academy


Choose a Maximum of 1 club from each column:


MONDAY TUESDAY CLUBS                                                                      THURSDAY FRIDAY CLUBS

Math Help                                                                                                     Chess and Checkers

Drama                                                                                                            Music

Quiz Bowl                                                                                                     Future City (grades 6-8 only)

4-H  ($30 cost to join)                                                                                Math Help



I give permission for my student ___________________________________________   in grade _______


to participate in (check 1 line)

_____1 club only


_____2 clubs




_____________________________________________________________               ______________

Parent Signature                                                                                                                       Date


**Parents please do not sign unless you are willing for your student to participate in club time

*** All clubs subject to interest and availability of space.