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The Director of College Counseling advises students in preparation for standardized testing, college admissions, and career paths. The open door policy allows students the opportunity to visit between classes, during break, lunch, or study hall, or by appointment after school hours. Wardlaw Academy provides many tools that help students achieve success in high school while also aiding students with college and career planning. Parent meetings are planned at the beginning of each year for 6th grade and 9th-12th grades. Additionally, Financial Aid night is held in January, the PSAT and PLAN tests are administered on campus during October, and students take an SAT prep class to prepare them for the SAT and ACT tests they begin taking during their junior year. Below, you will find several links that are helpful with all aspects of college and career planning.
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PSAT link –
SAT link –
ACT link –

South Carolina Occupational Information System – – (Please email for username and password information.)

SC Commission on Higher Education link for students and parents – (FAFSA, and HOPE, LIFE, and Palmetto Fellow Scholarship information)

NCAA Eligibility Center link –
Scholarship Link –
Scholarship Soup –

1. Read all application instructions before completing paying attention to deadline details, counselor requirements, and letter of recommendation requirements. All colleges and universities request different information in various formats.

2. Print a hard copy of each application to fill out for practice before you complete your final application on paper or online.

3. Give those who are writing recommendations at least TWO WEEKS to complete their letter. Make sure the person you are asking knows the deadline or when you like for the letter to be mailed. It is not good for schools to receive letters of recommendation before the student has submitted the actual application. Provide those writing your letters a stamped envelope addressed to the college you are applying to. These are common courtesies, and the people writing these are doing you a tremendous favor. Make your request of them a positive reflection of your personality and character. Nothing is worse than someone having to rush to try and write a really good letter on your behalf.

4. Complete and submit your application by required dates.

5. Go through the checklist to make sure everything has been submitted – application fee, test scores, school reports, transcripts, recommendation letters, etc.

6. Wait for a response.

7. Let the Director of College Counseling know when you receive your response. Make a copy of all acceptance letters for the Director of College Counseling.