Athletic Forms

Just a friendly reminder that all athletic forms must be completed before student athletes can participate in summer practices of any type.

Planths (the site we used last year) has merged with arbiter. You will now need to go to If your child played a sport last year, his or her account will still be at arbiter athlete.

All forms must be completed. Your physical is good for one full calendar year. If your physical is still good,  the student has the ability to “reuse” the previous year’s physical. So because that physical has not expired, when you go to complete your forms for the new school year, you can click the “Re-Use Document” button for that form.


Kathy James

Athletic Director


2017-2018 Athletic Forms

Agreement for Participation (Parental Agreement)

 Code of Conduct


Parents Code of conduct

physical pre-participatrion form


Student.Parent Concussion Awareness

Formtransportation form

Warning of Inherent Risk