Agriscience Education

This course is designed to introduce students to the world of Agriculture. Upon completing this course, students will be able to understand and apply basic concepts in Animal Science, Plant Science, Ag Mechanics, Record Keeping, Public Speaking and Leadership.

Course Content:

A. History of Agriculture

B. Agricultural Economics and Record Keeping

C. Ag Products and Consumer Awareness

D. Plant Science

E. Animal Science and Care of Small Animals

F. Ag Power and Technology

Course Goals:

This course is designed to give students a brief understanding of agriculture.

  • Students will gain skills in public speaking
  • Students to be able to work in a group situation
  • Students will have a basic understanding of agriculture and FFA
  • Students will be able to evaluate soils
  • Students will be able to identify plant parts
  • Students will work in the shop safely and use tools accurately
  • Students will discuss beef, sheep, swine animal breeds
  • Students will use speaking skills to have a knowledge in Parliamentary Procedure