Summer Reading List

2017-2018 Summer Reading List grades 6-11                                            2017-2018 Summer Reading Asessment


Summer Reading Assessment

Due Date: August 15, 2017

This year we are giving you two options for our Middle and Upper school (CURRENT 6th-11th grades) summer reading. As in years past, you may do the “Story Trail” project on ONE book or you may read 2 books and take 2 Accelerated Reading (AR) tests. The AR tests will be averaged. The grade for the averaged AR tests or the project will be your first quiz grade in your English classes.

The instructions for the “Story Trail” project are attached. Please make sure to do each step to ensure the best grade. A grading rubric is attached as well.

Accelerated Reading (AR) testing will occur on Tuesday, August 15, 2017. You must choose books that are on your grade level. To check if your book is AR approved and its reading level, please visit You must click student or parent and then put in the title of the book. It will give the book level, the number of points, and the interest level. Reading level is the difficulty of the words being read. Interest level is the level of the content, and subject matter being covered. The point values are based on the difficulty and number of the words in your book. Attached is also a suggested reading list of books you may choose as well.

All current students not registered by July 28, 2017 will not be excused from the Summer Reading assignment.

     New students registered on or before July 28, 2017 may do the project or choose two (2) books from the approved list and test on the first day of school. New students registering after July 28, 2017 will be required to read one (1) previously selected approved book according to grade level. The required date of testing will be extended until Sept. 15, 2017 for new students enrolling after July 28, 2017.

If you have any questions, please email Karisa Ruth at


 Lower School Summer Reading:


     As summer quickly approaches, we have taken a long hard look at our summer reading program for the lower school. While we still want to encourage reading throughout the summer, we do not want to neglect other subject area skills. We have found a wonderful option to help with this. Vacation Station workbooks will provide our students with exposure to the same valuable reading skills that were addressed during the summer reading program. We will be ordering Vacation Stations for every lower school student.
     The BJU Press Vacation Stations program is a wonderful resource to help your children maintain their academic skills and to prepare for the next grade during summer vacation. Students currently enrolled in grades K5-5 will build their confidence for next year with approximately two pages per day of math, language, and reading reviews. The workbook should only take roughly 20 minutes each day to complete.  It is important to note that Vacation Station workbooks will provide our students with exposure to the same valuable reading skills that were addressed during the previous summer reading program. It is also a fun way to help your children with meaningful, grade-appropriate practice and will also make for an easier transition into the 2017-2018 school year.
     Completion of the Vacation Stations workbooks is mandatory. Students will need to keep their completed workbooks and turn them in to their teacher on the first day of school. The cost of these workbooks is $20.00 each. Please make your check payable to Wardlaw Academy. All payments need to be turned in by Monday, May 22nd. The workbooks will be handed out prior to the end of the school year. If you are a new student please come by the office to purchase your summer workbook.
     Just to clarify, students may still read AR books through out the summer and take AR quizzes on them when they return to school in August. Doing this would be in addition to completing the Vacation Station workbook.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at