What’s up Wardlaw Week 5

Week 5 : “ WHAT’S UP WARDLAW?” Presented by your #WhyWardlawMarketing Team- Elizabeth Wash, Davis Wash, Will Padgett, & Annalee Rodgers with supporting help by the Junior team- Sidney Williams, Katy Neal Day, Elijah Batt & Kate Wong. This one is a very special one to their teacher because due to a family illness I had to unexpectedly leave for most of the week. This group of young people on one of the busiest weeks of the school year, Homecoming, produced this show completely on their own !!So proud of them !!!🙌🏻🎉& this is a perfect example of ….#whywardlaw. 💛🖤

Posted by Francis Hugh Wardlaw Academy on Saturday, September 22, 2018