20 Feb 2018


Barbara Jolly is a 1984 graduate of Wardlaw Academy. After graduation from Wardlaw, she went to Clemson¬†University and then MUSC where she acquired a physical therapy degree in 1992. Since that time, Barbara has worked for the last 23 years for South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation. Her work is to get people with disabilities back into the workforce as productive tax paying citizens. Barbara says, “This has been a very rewarding career. I credit my years at Wardlaw for this success. Although, most of my credit for my success goes to my parents who gave me the opportunity to go to Wardlaw. The higher quality education and caring teachers provided me the early background needed to pursue the degree of my dreams. My advice to current and future Wardaw students is to take advantage of all the attentiveness your teachers provide and all the activities that are provided at Wardlaw. My best experience at Wardlaw would be my years playing sports. It not only provided me with some of the fondest memories of a team family, but it taught me how to be competitive and work to be my best. Remember you only get out of life what you put into it. Keep your eyes on God and pursue His work and you will succeed. I was truly blessed with 13 of the best years of my life thanks to my Wardlaw family.”