19 Jan 2018


Nicole Jackson

Wardlaw Academy Graduate


Nicole Jackson is a 2015 honor graduate of Wardlaw Academy. She is now a biology major at the University of Georgia. Nicole said, “The move from Wardlaw to the University of Georgia was definitely an adjustment, but I do feel like I was prepared to handle it. I believe Wardlaw gave me all the knowledge and materials I needed in order to be prepared for college. It was my job to actually learn the new material and not just memorize what I was given.” She gives current students some great advice, “Learn the information you are given. You may think your next test is really easy and you don’t need to study, however I can guarantee when you get to college you will be faced with material that builds on what you have learned at Wardlaw. Professors do not re-teach the building blocks. Take time to learn in high school what your most effective study method is.” Nicole has many fond memories from Wardlaw Academy. One of her favorites was her senior trip to Florida. Nicole said, “I really developed a bond with the faculty on my senior trip. I am still grateful to Mrs. Whitlock helping me with my senior English portfolio and Mrs. Kelly for helping me with sorority recruitment. They really helped make my transition to college much smoother.” Nicole is on the pre-med track at the University of Georgia and hopes to become a dermatologist in her future. #whywardlaw