11 Jan 2018



Carrie Ann Quarles is a 2014 graduate of Wardlaw Academy. After graduation she went on to attend Lander University. She was a recipient of the Hope and Life scholarships. After her freshman year she transferred to Augusta University to live at home to save money. Graduating debt free was very important to her. Carrie Ann says, “Having such a strong, supportive environment at Wardlaw made me more independent and willing to join the conversation during my college classes, not just sit back and listen. Because of that, I feel like I have gained so much more knowledge. It is so important to be involved.” Carrie Ann encourages current students to take advantage of the duel enrollment classes that are available to them. She said, “Not only did this help me ease into my college classes, it helped me receive my Bachelor’s Degree in three years.” Some of her fondest memories at Wardlaw were are being part of a state championship team and serving as the Student Body Historian. Carrie Ann said, “The best experience was having the chance to go to school with my sister. With us being six years apart, that was something we would not be able to do anywhere else. Being a second generation graduate of Wardlaw Academy and with both of my parents being graduates, ‘Wardlaw Family’ mean something different to us.” #whywardlaw