05 Jan 2018


Daniel Wooten was the 2013 Wardlaw Academy Valedictorian. Daniel recently graduated from Clemson University with a degree in accounting. Daniel believes that the structured environment of classes at Wardlaw helped prepare him for the big change from a small private school to a large university. Daniel said, “I was so grateful that the teachers required me to take notes in class because when I got to college I was one of the few who actually knew how to take them.”  Daniel offers high school students this advice, “Academically, take the time to learn how to study. As vague as that is, you should really find out what your learning style is in high school. Wardlaw’s faculty will help you with that, and I cannot thank them enough for preparing me in this way. Also, don’t be afraid to ask teachers questions. They want you to talk to them.” Some of his favorite memories were being the football statistician and being a part of the basketball and golf teams. Daniel says, “Being on a team or working with one will open up doors and start conversations you never thought you would have. It’s a great social tool and helps teach you discipline, which you will definetely need during your undergraduate years.” #whywardlaw