01 Dec 2017


George William Rauton IV is a 2001 graduate of Wardlaw Academy. After Wardlaw he attended Clemson University where he received his BS in Animal and Veterinary Services. Following his undergraduate degree, he attended the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine where he graduated in 2011 with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. George said, “The transition from Wardlaw to Clemson was a little intimidating. Going from a small private school to 16,000 was very different. I believe with the smaller class sizes at Wardlaw, students are able to develop personal relationships with their teachers. These relationships, helped me improve my “people skills” which proved beneficial both at Clemson and UGA.” George advises current students at Wardlaw to, “learn how to study your subject matter on a daily basis, do not just memorize it the night before. Daily preparation of class material becomes increasingly important the higher one goes with their degree.” When asked what his best experience at Wardlaw was, George said, “Instead of a single best experience, I consider being a part of a small family from kindergarten to my senior year to be my take-away. None of us realized at the time how fortunate we were to have parents other than our own treating us like their own children. In addition, the teachers and administration treated us likewise. We grew up with a sense of security most young people do not have today. That sense of security instilled a level of confidence that has impacted my life thus far.” George is currently a veterinarian at the Johnston Animal Hospital. #whywardlaw