17 Nov 2017


Benjamin E. “Ned” Nicholson V graduated from Wardlaw Academy in 1980. After high school Ned attended Wofford College where he majored in government. After Wofford, he went on to The University of South Carolina School of Law and received his Juris Doctor. That same year he passed the Bar, and he is now the Group Leader for Litigation for all of the McNair Law Firm offices in Columbia. Ned said, “My transition from Wardlaw to Wofford went great. For me the smaller class size at Wardlaw prepared me for the smaller classes at Wofford; you had to be prepared for class. Wardlaw helped me build the development of competition and provided a balance of academics and athletics. You didn’t have to be a great athlete to play a sport at Wardlaw; you just had to be a hard worker. Basically, you knew if you played a sport, there was accountability to your teammates, your classmates, and your school.” Ned encourages students to learn about as many different things in college as they can. He believes students can learn how to be critical thinkers while they are at Wardlaw, then carry this with them to college. Ned stated, “I came away from Wardlaw with a sense of what it would take to succeed in life, not just because of academic and athletic competition, but because I also learned that there were other kids in life like me with hopes and aspirations.”