03 Nov 2017


Mark Metze is a 1987 Salutatorian of Wardlaw Academy. After Wardlaw, Mark attended Clemson University and received a degree in Computer Science. Mark is currently a Development Manager for Softdocs (a software company that develops software solutions for K-12 and Higher Education markets) in Columbia. He lives there with his wife Kathy and their two teenagers, Amanda and Andrew. Mark said, “At Wardlaw, I built close relationships with all of my teachers which enabled me to naturally pursue relationships with my professors at Clemson. This was especially important within the computer science department where the coursework and projects were highly demanding.”  Mark believes that every single experience he had at Wardlaw was his best experience. He does say, “The common theme in all of these memorable events involve the people that I have shared them with. I was extremely blessed to attend Wardlaw for 13 years, and I greatly value the support, guidance, and love that I received during this time.” While at Wardlaw, he learned lifelong skills because of the close relationships he had with students, teachers, coaches, staff, and parents. Skills such as active listening and being fully engaged were the products of the small student body and close-knit culture of the school. Mark said, “These skills have not only allowed me to succeed professionally but also as a husband and father.” #whywardlaw