10 Oct 2017


We will be featuring different alumni every week and highlighting their personal experience at Wardlaw Academy. We invite you to read each week about how Wardlaw Academy has helped mold and prepare each graduate for the next step.


Graduate Beth Warnken, was the 2017 Wardlaw Academy Valedictorian. She is now a freshman at Winthrop University in their Honors Program. Beth received several scholarships including Palmetto Fellows, Winthrop Fellows, Winthrop Garnet, Girls State, and Watson Brown. Beth said “Wardlaw gave me all of the academic information and skills I needed to prepare me for college.” She also stated “My best experience at Wardlaw was being involved in the student government. Planning trips to the State House and Myrtle Beach really helped me prepare for my role in the Emerging Leaders Program at Winthrop. I encourage all students to get involved in the student government and push yourself to get organized. No one will do this for you at college, so let the amazing teachers and staff at Wardlaw Academy help prepare you for the next step!” Beth is not only involved in the Emerging Leader Program in between her honor classes, she is also a member of the Baptist Student Ministry and on an intramural volleyball team. Beth Warnken is the perfect example of #whywardlaw. Tune in next week for another spotlight graduate!