30 Oct 2017

Boston Butt Fundraiser

It’s time for our Boston Butt Fundraiser! Proceeds will go towards the Upper School New York field trip. Encourage family and friends to buy extra butts to put in the freezer! These freeze great!Then use the meat to make Brunswick stew, pork tacos, or BBQ sliders! This year we are offering whole bone-in Boston Butts, and whole pulled Boston Butts, for those who want the work done for them!

Bone-in Whole Boston Butt – $25.00

Whole Boston Butt (pulled) – $35.00

Tickets will be on sale through Friday, November 10th , and can be purchased through one of the students attending the field trip or in the FWA front office.

Boston Butts will be available for pick up at the front of the Wardlaw gym on Friday, November 17th from 9:00-3:30

Contact Angie Donwen with questions: (864) 378-883 or angiedonwen@yahoo.com