21 Sep 2015

4th and 5th Grade Barrier Island Trip

On Monday, September 14th, the 4th and 5th grade students of Wardlaw Academy traveled to Charleston South Carolina to participate in a three day program at Barrier Island.  For three days the students took part in many fun classes and activities.  One of those classes was Let’s Sea. In this particular class the students combed the beach of the island and learned about the many different animals they found.  They also discussed the dunes and their importance to the beach habitat.  A trek through the marsh showed them another side of the ocean that most of them had never explored.  This class ended in a much anticipated swim in the plough mud of the marsh.  Another class that was a huge hit was the Skinks class.  In this class, students learned all about different reptiles and amphibians.  The students agree that holding the many animals, including snakes and an alligator, was definitely a highlight.  In the evenings, the students enjoyed a campfire, with stories and songs, and different games.  Noodle Hockey was a favorite that will be played again on the campus of Warldaw Academy.  During meals, students learned what it means to have all they wish to eat but only to take what they will eat.  Each meal, every table in the dining hall tried to have no waste on their plates.  Students learned the importance of taking a little and getting seconds instead of piling food on a plate that could not be consumed.  Waste left at the end of every meal was called “Ort”.  The students did an amazing job with this and had no ort on each day we were at camp.  The last day, the entire dining hall only had 1 pound of ort between 150 students.  So many different lessons were learned. The 4th and 5th grade students had such a great time that the current 2nd and 3rd graders are already looking forward to their trip .