21 Sep 2015

3rd Grade Enjoys Wildlife Field Trip

Third Grade Enjoys Wildlife Field Trip


The Wardlaw Academy third grade class visited the National Wild Turkey Federation on September 15, 2015. The class enjoyed touring the Winchester Museum where they learned about the different species of turkeys found throughout the world. They learned about how the Jennies use their habitats to provide for the needs of their babies, providing them with adequate food, water, and shelter. They learned how the structure of a turkey helps them meet their various survival needs. They also learned about all the incredible work being done by the National Wild Turkey Federation to preserve and enhance habitats throughout the United States.

After the museum tour, which included a simulated firing range/forest with deer and buffalo targets and a simulated helicopter ride with forest fire fighters, the class enjoyed a 2 mile wildlife hike. The guide pointed out habitats – in the air, on the ground, and under the ground – as well as different kinds of vegetation. The highlight of the tour was helping cut down small brush and trees to allow adequate sunlight for growth. The class also dug a hole and installed a bluebird house, which they had previously autographed.